Bankruptcy Attorney Will Help With Chapter 7 or 13

When it comes to chapter 13 bankruptcy many people begin to grow concerned about their financial welfare. However, there should be an even greater concern for the condition of one’s future. And just as financial indebtedness doesn’t happen overnight, it takes years of bad decisions to fall into this category. Having to file for personal bankruptcy is not the end of the world though, many times it will give you a second chance at the bad decisions that were made in the past, allowing you to get a financial reboot. Counseling sessions with a bankruptcy attorney may convince debtors needing chapter 13 bankruptcy that filing is not always the best move to make for a particular financial situation. Some indebtedness can be cured by consolidation or debt reduction. Filing chapter 13, although a commendable effort on the debtor’s part to satisfy unpaid claims, also has serious repercussions. Filings remain on credit reports for up to ten years and can have an adverse effect on a debtor’s ability to obtain future financing. Debtors should refrain from filing wage earner petitions for consumer debt protection, or from filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and 11, unless every other means of debt reduction or relief have been exhausted. Before taking such a drastic measure to file for insolvency, debtors should consult with consumer counseling agencies to help determine the best method of resolving personal or business indebtedness. Financial counselors can help individuals restructure and consolidate debts before they get out of hand. Businesses can also devise a plan to restructure expenses before fiscal affairs get to a point of no return.

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