Get Advice from a Bankruptcy Attorney before Filing Bankruptcy

Over the last 10 years, the Internet has become a mainstay in American culture. When people have a question, regarding anything, the first place they’ll go is the World Wide Web. This is even applies to people having financial difficulties. When the wheels start to fall off of their family’s financial machine they search for advice online in hopes of finding a solution. There is nothing wrong with using the Internet to get information. One needs to be careful and always check the sources of information by making sure it is time sensitive and also from a credible source. When it comes to filing bankruptcy, the first thing an individual needs to do is make sure that the website is applicable to the state they live in. It’s true that the bankruptcy code is federal law, but there are huge differences in bankruptcy exemption laws and income that varies from state to state.

The Internet is a wonderful tool when someone wants to gather information quickly. In the case of a bankruptcy filing, one should use the Internet to get a brief overview of the entire process and look for circumstances that are similar to what they feel they might be facing. After gathering this wealth of information, come up with some Bankruptcy questions that would be pertinent to what they believe is their personal situation. At this time it would be a good idea to call a bankruptcy attorney for a consultation. Typically, a bankruptcy attorney will give an hour of their time to evaluate a potential client’s financial situation. I have never heard of a bankruptcy attorney that tells someone to file bankruptcy, when it is totally unnecessary. I’ve heard many more stories of how the attorney sent the debtor away and told them of how they could get out of debt by just budgeting. One should not worry about hearing a song and dance along with a hard sell when going in for consultation.

At the first meeting with the bankruptcy attorney, they will usually tell the individual to . In a bankruptcy filing timing is very important. If someone has been using their credit cards and making large purchases, the attorney might decide to try and hold off filing for a couple months until the charges fall off the radar. Because of this and many other landmines one might run into, having an attorney to help can be invaluable.

All in all, the Internet has a wealth of information about filing bankruptcy, but nothing will replace the expertise of a bankruptcy attorney because of the complexity of the bankruptcy code.

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